Astrophotography from Ursa Major Observatory @ ROSA

Verclause / France - Summer 2016
Verclause is a small (78 residents) village in the Drôme department in southeastern France. The Drôme department is a hilly region with some of the mountains reaching an altitude of 1.000 meters. Its a very nice area to go cycling (if you aren’t afraid of mountain passes) and sport climbing - the famous cliffs of Orpierre and Ceüse are easy to reach. Within one hour to drive, you can go to the Mont Ventoux - its also possible to scale it by bike (22 km ascent, 1600 meters altitude difference and maby strong winds on the last 6 km...).     Due to the fact that all further villages are also very small, the sky is very dark there - arising clouds are like black holes in the sky. Also, the weather conditions are very stable, especially in summer. I spent six days there, and the sky was clear every night. Seeing can be excellent, but also bad when the “Mistral” winds are blowing. Thats the only disadvantage at Verclause. My setup was a ASA DDM60pro mount, with an 80/400 ESPRIT APO and a Moravian G2-8300 CCD camera. Additionally I used two SLR cameras for widefield imaging. 
Astronomical images
Daylight images
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