Astrophotography from Ursa Major Observatory @ ROSA

CEDIC team goes La Palma - results grouped by constellations
#1 - Near Rho Ophiuchi
Other widefield f = 200mm
ATHOS / La Palma 2017
Roque de los Muchachos (2 400 m)
Widefield f = 70-135mm
Our observing site at ATHOS Centro Astronómico (900m)
Widefield with Canon EOS 6D + EF200 on Astrotrac / Staradventurer
Images with TEC110FL + Canon EOS 6D
Images with AP175 + Moravian G4-16000
Images with Baader APO 95/560 + FLI ML 16200 / Nikon D810A
CEDIC team goes La Palma - results grouped by equipment
All Sky / Startrails
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#2 - Nebulae in Sagittarius
#3 - Serpens & Scutum
Widefield f = 15-50mm
Images with AP130 / TS100Q +Canon EOS 6Da / 1000Da
#4 - From Aquila to Aquarius