Astrophotography from Ursa Major Observatory @ ROSA

CEDIC team goes La Palma - Part #1 Near Rho Ophiuchi
Nebulae near Rho Ophiuchi
IC 4604 with Nikkor105
vdB 107 with EF200
IC 4604 with Mamiya 200
IC 4592 Baader APO
Dark Nebulae in Constellation Ophiuchus
LBN 7 with AP175
LBN 7 with TEC110
LBN 7 - Calima
B 268 with EF200
IC 4604 with Baader APO
IC 4604 with Sigma135
vdB 107 with Nikkor70-200
Other widefields and startrails
AllSky - Calima
IC 4605 with Baader APO
AllSky - Post Calima
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Scorpius with Nikkor 50
Antares with EF70-200
Startrails - ATHOS