GeMini West and GeMini East Observatory

Astrophotography from Ursa Major Observatory @ ROSA

What does GeMini mean? Well, “Gemini” means “twin” in Greek language. If you have a look at our observatory, you will notice that it consits of two nearly identical roll-off-roof observatories. And - now it gets funny - my friend Günter and I use nearly identical equipment: each one of us uses two telescopes - one to expose the luminance channel and the second one for the RGB-frames, all done simultaneosly. Just like twins.. And yes - we know about the two big professional telescopes Gemini North and Gemini South... GeMini East and West are located at the site of the “Astronomical Association Salzkammergut” -
Roof closed
Both roofs open
Panorama view out of one of the domes. North is left, east is in the middle
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