Astrophotography from Ursa Major Observatory @ ROSA

CEDIC team goes Chile II - results grouped by constellations
#1 - Orion (Upside Down)
Images with TS100Q + FLI ML16200
Widefield with Nikon D810A
Chile / Hacienda los Andes 2015
El Nino - the desert is getting alive, but...
Images with TS100Q + Nikon D810A
clouds are rolling in at the observatory
Time lapses
#3 - Small Magellanic Cloud
Images with Nikkor 500mm + Nikon D750
Images with RCOS 14.5” + FLI PL16070
Images with TEC RC 20” + FLI PL16803
Images with AP Traveler + EOS 500d
CEDIC team goes Chile II - results grouped by equipment
#2 - South of Orion
Widefield with EOS 6D + EF200 on Astrotrac
#5 - Galaxies in Scl + For
Images with AP RHA 305 + FLI PL 29050
Widefield with Nikon DF + Nikon 85mm f/2.8 on AP Mach1 / iOptron Skytracker
Widefield with EOS 6D + EF200 on AP Mach1
#4 - Large Magellanic Cloud
#6 - Heart of Milky Way
#7 - Corona Australis
#8 - Galaxies south of Helix
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